ACL Post-Op Day 365

One year in. It’s been fun 🙂

Not quite back to 100%. Muscle mass, strength, and agility on the left side definitely does not match the right. But, overall, the knee is strong and sturdy. Getting back into yoga, swimming, and running was easy enough once I realized it best to just go slow and work on incremental improvements. I was even able to finish a half-marathon (which was my main goal post-surgery).

Back into softball again this summer, which where the new ACL is really being tested. Even though it’s just a recreational league, there’s still lots of sprinting while running bases and quick and sometimes awkward movements when out in the field. I can usually feel the soreness in the knee immediately after the game and into the next day. Admittedly, the focus on training for the half ended up taking priority over ongoing strength and agility training which is partially to blame. Thankfully, the soreness goes down a few days later and the knee feels stronger by the next game.

No major goals from this point on other than keeping the ACL intact and trying to get closer to that elusive 100%.

ACL Post-op Day 225


I ran 4km yesterday (on the treadmill).

That’s the longest I’ve done in over a year (not counting the wwwp5k since that was mostly walking).

(Incidentally, yesterday was also the 1-year anniversary of the “incident”!)

I’m slowly working my way to increase my overall running time and distance; to build back the endurance and strength I used to have (and hopefully more). Although, I had to take a break for pretty much all of December.

In a story all too common with injuries, I took things too fast once I was cleared for running back in October. We started slow at physio with a gentle progressions but I got eager and cranked up the speed too fast (trying to run 10ish minutes at 6mph) and tried too many long distance runs outside. It gave me crippling shin splints. Once they’d started, they were consistent: the shins would hurt no matter at what speed I ran (although, they were only bad during the run; post-run, the shins were fine).

At first, my physiotherapist thought it may be the shoes, so I switched over to a new pair. This didn’t make a difference and the shin splints continued. Took a break for a week but still nothing. By this time (late-November), I was discharged from physio at the hospital (thank you Trillium!) so I decided to go back to see Lindsay at Toronto Physiotherapy (who had worked with me on prehab before the surgery) in early December.

Lindsay did a few things:

  • Worked out a few kinks in my knees and legs using soft tissue release.
  • Showed me how to foam roll to work out those kinks myself.
  • Gave me some exercises to focus on specific muscle groups.

I ended up taking the rest of December off mostly due to a gum graft and then picked up running again earlier this month. This time definitely making sure to take it slow and making sure to stretch and foam roll (Canadian Running has some great videos on foam rolling) before every run.

I’m also continuing with strength training (split squats, deadlifts, squats, bridges, etc.) plus swimming once a week and sneaking in a yoga session when I can.

So far so good. I’ve been able to slowly increase my running time but intentionally keeping the speed/pace slow and consistent (5mph) and taking breaks as needed. If the weather cooperates, I may head outside for a run, but until then, the treadmill continues to be good enough.

All going well, I’ll be doing the Star Wars Dark Side 5K at Disney World in April, the Goodlife 10K in May, and the 5K Run for Heart in June. It’ll be a fun spring!



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If you just tried to add a new require or import to your React project (that’s using webpack + babel-loader) trying to pull in a new component (say search.jsx — note specifically the jsx extension) and are getting an error that looks something like the following:

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…chances are, that you need to tell webpack to resolve the jsx extension:

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Note that you may need others depending on the loaders you have.

ACL Post-Op Day 145

Screencap of the doctor notes from my second last visit.

“All clear. No limitations. No need to see me again.”

Paraphrasing of what my surgeon said to me at my checkin this week. I’m almost at 5 months and he cleared me to go back to all activities (i.e. sports). No more check-ins with him (i.e. no more three hours waits at the hospital!) unless I have issues.

IMG_20151110_174139285.jpgThe braces are finally in the trash (can’t be reused by myself or others as they were sized to fit) and the crutches are going back in storage.

My physio sessions were supposed to end this week as well but my therapist gave me the option to stick around for a few more weeks as single leg plyometrics on the operated side (i.e. jumping and landing on single leg; hopping on single leg; etc.) need some work. I’d be doing the work on my own at the gym anyway so I chose the option to continue.

The focus now is to continue building back left leg strength (various types of squats, deadlifts, leg press, etc.) and running endurance (by increasing running time and speed; up to 10 minutes now at 5-5.5mph). Plus, lots of hopping-related exercises. Will have another physio check-in in a few weeks.

ACL Post-Op Day 125

Blurry post-hike shot.

Running intervals continue to increase every session. We’re now up to 3 x 120s at 5mph with walking breaks in between (bumping up from 5 x 60, 5 x 75s, and 5x 90s).

Also managed to get in some hikes at the Automattic Grand Meetup last week, which was nice. The downhills were tough but I managed to make it back safely (the Nike sleeve continues to be super helpful). The knee was a bit sore post-GM as I think I pushed it too hard but improving now after rest.

We also started some new drills on the ladder today (hopping in and out all the way forward and then laterally, four times each). Those were pretty tiring.

Weight continues to increase on deadlifts and squats (25lbs in each hand) and leg press (200 double-leg / 100 single-leg).


“I don’t much like the niqab and I wish people wouldn’t wear it,”[Nenshi] told The Calgary Herald. “But what I like even less is telling people what to do. If we are hearing that it is a symbol of oppression and we shouldn’t let their husbands or their brothers tell them what to wear, how is that any different from Jason Kenney telling them what to wear?”

Naheed Nenshi, mayor of Calgary, sums it up perfectly.

ACL Post-op Day 103


We started light jogging this week at PT!

Just on the treadmill; 3 short intervals of 15 seconds at 5mph with walking breaks in between. It was pretty awkward having not  run in 8 months and I felt like I was doing it wrong. Had to walk a fine line between achieving proper form and not overthinking too much while running. Also had to be careful not to favour my non-surgical side either which I instinctively tried to do to guard my left knee. I definitely felt some pressure on the knee at the end of each interval but the knee overall was fine after and the next day.

In the next PT session, we bumped up the intervals to 5 x 20s and I repeated them again at the gym two days later. We’ll keep increasing the interval times as long as my knee continues to feel stable (moving up to a minute of sustained running and then onwards).

Also went on a hike today near Halfway Log Dump in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Overall, the knee took it really well (had to be careful around some of the rocky bits). The Nike Knee Sleeve really helped.

ACL Post-Op Day 94


Over three months now!

Big achievement: hopping!

Basically, lifting myself a few inches off the floor and then landing. For the first time in 8 months, no parts of my body were in contact with any other surface (outside of swimming). It’s a bit tough because I’m instinctively favouring my strong (right) side but that’s a mental block I need to get over.

In other accomplishments, back to swimming again on a regular basis (trying for once a week). Physio is still going on twice a week and trying to get to the gym once outside of that as well.

For exercises, we’ve added more strength training like split squats (with weight), single leg squats, and deadlifts. Muscle difference between the legs is still pretty significant but getting better.

Likely 1-2 weeks before light jogging and then 3 weeks for picking up running again.

ACL Post-Op Day 61


  • Over two months now!
  • 2nd follow-up with surgeon yesterday:
    • Graft is strong and flexibility/extension are both good.
    • Cleared for walking/swimming/yoga.
    • Two more months for running and softball.
    • I don’t really play contact sports so that was a non-issue.
  • Back to swimming at the Trinity Bellwoods pool!
  • PT:
    • Doing single-leg squats and static lunges now and other more involved exercises.
    • Biking with increased resistance and varying intensity (“hills”).
    • Walking on treadmill at 3.5mph.