ACL Post-Op Day 94


Over three months now!

Big achievement: hopping!

Basically, lifting myself a few inches off the floor and then landing. For the first time in 8 months, no parts of my body were in contact with any other surface (outside of swimming). It’s a bit tough because I’m instinctively favouring my strong (right) side but that’s a mental block I need to get over.

In other accomplishments, back to swimming again on a regular basis (trying for once a week). Physio is still going on twice a week and trying to get to the gym once outside of that as well.

For exercises, we’ve added more strength training like split squats (with weight), single leg squats, and deadlifts. Muscle difference between the legs is still pretty significant but getting better.

Likely 1-2 weeks before light jogging and then 3 weeks for picking up running again.

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