ACL Post-op Day 103


We started light jogging this week at PT!

Just on the treadmill; 3 short intervals of 15 seconds at 5mph with walking breaks in between. It was pretty awkward having not  run in 8 months and I felt like I was doing it wrong. Had to walk a fine line between achieving proper form and not overthinking too much while running. Also had to be careful not to favour my non-surgical side either which I instinctively tried to do to guard my left knee. I definitely felt some pressure on the knee at the end of each interval but the knee overall was fine after and the next day.

In the next PT session, we bumped up the intervals to 5 x 20s and I repeated them again at the gym two days later. We’ll keep increasing the interval times as long as my knee continues to feel stable (moving up to a minute of sustained running and then onwards).

Also went on a hike today near Halfway Log Dump in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Overall, the knee took it really well (had to be careful around some of the rocky bits). The Nike Knee Sleeve really helped.

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