ACL Post-Op Day 125

Blurry post-hike shot.

Running intervals continue to increase every session. We’re now up to 3 x 120s at 5mph with walking breaks in between (bumping up from 5 x 60, 5 x 75s, and 5x 90s).

Also managed to get in some hikes at the Automattic Grand Meetup last week, which was nice. The downhills were tough but I managed to make it back safely (the Nike sleeve continues to be super helpful). The knee was a bit sore post-GM as I think I pushed it too hard but improving now after rest.

We also started some new drills on the ladder today (hopping in and out all the way forward and then laterally, four times each). Those were pretty tiring.

Weight continues to increase on deadlifts and squats (25lbs in each hand) and leg press (200 double-leg / 100 single-leg).

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