ACL Post-Op Day 145

Screencap of the doctor notes from my second last visit.

“All clear. No limitations. No need to see me again.”

Paraphrasing of what my surgeon said to me at my checkin this week. I’m almost at 5 months and he cleared me to go back to all activities (i.e. sports). No more check-ins with him (i.e. no more three hours waits at the hospital!) unless I have issues.

IMG_20151110_174139285.jpgThe braces are finally in the trash (can’t be reused by myself or others as they were sized to fit) and the crutches are going back in storage.

My physio sessions were supposed to end this week as well but my therapist gave me the option to stick around for a few more weeks as single leg plyometrics on the operated side (i.e. jumping and landing on single leg; hopping on single leg; etc.) need some work. I’d be doing the work on my own at the gym anyway so I chose the option to continue.

The focus now is to continue building back left leg strength (various types of squats, deadlifts, leg press, etc.) and running endurance (by increasing running time and speed; up to 10 minutes now at 5-5.5mph). Plus, lots of hopping-related exercises. Will have another physio check-in in a few weeks.

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