ACL Post-Op Day 365

One year in. It’s been fun 🙂

Not quite back to 100%. Muscle mass, strength, and agility on the left side definitely does not match the right. But, overall, the knee is strong and sturdy. Getting back into yoga, swimming, and running was easy enough once I realized it best to just go slow and work on incremental improvements. I was even able to finish a half-marathon (which was my main goal post-surgery).

Back into softball again this summer, which where the new ACL is really being tested. Even though it’s just a recreational league, there’s still lots of sprinting while running bases and quick and sometimes awkward movements when out in the field. I can usually feel the soreness in the knee immediately after the game and into the next day. Admittedly, the focus on training for the half ended up taking priority over ongoing strength and agility training which is partially to blame. Thankfully, the soreness goes down a few days later and the knee feels stronger by the next game.

No major goals from this point on other than keeping the ACL intact and trying to get closer to that elusive 100%.

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