ACL Post-op Day 225

I ran 4km yesterday (on the treadmill). That’s the longest I’ve done in over a year (not counting the wwwp5k since that was mostly walking). (Incidentally, yesterday was also the 1-year anniversary of the “incident”!) I’m slowly working my way to increase my overall running time and distance; to build back the endurance and strength IContinue reading “ACL Post-op Day 225”

Error: Cannot resolve ‘file’ or ‘directory’

If you just tried to add a new require or import to your React project (that’s using webpack + babel-loader) trying to pull in a new component (say search.jsx — note specifically the jsx extension) and are getting an error that looks something like the following: …chances are, that you need to tell webpack toContinue reading “Error: Cannot resolve ‘file’ or ‘directory’”


“I don’t much like the niqab and I wish people wouldn’t wear it,”[Nenshi] told The Calgary Herald. “But what I like even less is telling people what to do. If we are hearing that it is a symbol of oppression and we shouldn’t let their husbands or their brothers tell them what to wear, howContinue reading “Oppression”