Flight Crew: “Passengers seated in rows 50 and higher may now board.”

Passengers in line (thinking to themselves): “I’m not in any of those rows. But. I’ve been waiting in this useless line for a while now. May as well stay here and crowd the entry way to the boarding doors. Yep that sounds like a mighty fine idea.”

Every single time.



This is a stupid game that Apple plays. Why should I even see the application or be allowed to hit the install button if my device isn’t compatible.

One argument could be to entice users to upgrade, which likely works pretty well. But it isn’t very helpful for those with devices that have no known upgrade path (like my iPad 1). To them, it’s a frustrating game of hit and miss.

By comparison, This is one area where the Google Play store really excels. If your device lacks the requirements, the app just won’t show up for you in the store.



10,000 feet. There is no doughnut store at the top. Its cold and my clothes are drenched. My right leg and arms are scratched up. I’m out of breath and lacking sleep. I almost quit three times.


Im at the summit of Jupiter in Park City Utah

The view is beautiful. The air is fresh. The wind is blowing past us and this is one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve seen.

Thanks Nick, Joe, and Andrew for pushing me along.

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It’s the same crisis every time you take a morning flight to the US from Terminal 1 at Pearson International in Toronto.

Which line will you suffer today: Starbucks or Tim Hortons?

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Simplenote List Assist

List Assist! Hey, I wrote the code for that!


Howdy, note takers! We’re excited about the latest update to the Android app which includes some great new features:

Note Publishing

Got a note that you want to share easily with others? You can now use the new info panel to publish a note to the web. Just tap the i icon when viewing a note, then tap Publish. Within seconds you’ll be able to share a link to get the word out.


List Assist

Do you make a lot of lists in Simplenote? We sure do. That’s why we added List Assist, which makes it a lot easier to create lists by inserting bullets/numbering after you start creating a list. (Tip: Allowed characters are *, , and +.) (The star, minus, and plus symbols.)


What Else?

You’ll see that we added a note word count to the new info panel. You’re welcome! The update…

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Flight Delay Alerts

My flight to Montreal from YTZ is delayed by 30 minutes. Sequence of events in terms of alerts:

  • 5:44pm – TripIt Pro push notification
  • 5:44pm – Email from TripIt
  • 5:46pm – Google Now push notification
  • 5:48pm – Email from the airline
  • 6:05pm – Email from Expensify

I guess TripIt wins 🙂